Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boys will be boys

Last Saturday, Jim, our Associate Director, and a few other staff members took guys from our Transformation Program on a "field trip." Yes, it was a very cold day. Anyone who stepped foot outside, in Michigan, on the last day of January 2009, can bear witness to that. Then again, there's cold, and there's the cold of whipping down a hill, wind tearing at your face, and snow blowing in your eyes. Sledding, of course, the great American winter pastime.

In spite of the cold, all who were in attendance had a great time. It was a good opportunity for the guys to get out of the Mission, to spend time with the staff men, and to interact with each other away from the stress of tight-knit quarters.

It is a great reminder, too, that sometimes we all need to step away, even from the important task of transformation, just to enjoy the world and the life we've been given by our great Creator. Praise God, there are even treasures in the snow (Job 38:22).

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