Wednesday, May 20, 2009

They did it again...

It's always amazing to see the dedication and faithfulness of our volunteers. So many of them love the Mission and our guests as much as we do. Today, Pam brought in cookies for the guys on the program. Pam comes regularly every Wednesday, along with several others. Joyce, one of our volunteer receptionists, unexpectedly popped in to cover the front desk for an hour or so, while her car was being worked on across the street. On Tuesdays, right after leaving her regular job, Elizabeth covers the phones for a couple hours, and I am humbled at the thought of someone who gets out of work and, instead of relaxing with some time to herself, gives that time to us. After all, it is in large part, the volunteers, their compassion, dedication, and spirit of self sacrifice, that makes this place one of the best places on earth to work. And also a blessed place for our guests, at least we try our best to make it so. We couldn't survive without them.

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