Sunday, June 13, 2010

All in a day's...not working...

Saturday was a very interesting day. Interesting in that I headed out into the gray, grisly morning with a carefully prepared list of "errands" to run. None of those errands involved work, well, one or two of them did, but most of them were personal errands.

First stop was my bank, where I had questions about my account. I was told to wait for the lady in the office, and while speaking with her, the conversation turned to my place of employment, the City Rescue Mission. "You work with Mark!" The lady said, and I wondered how she knew Mark. From television. I admit, I took the opportunity to brag on my boss (how often can a person do that?) and was pleased at the realization that people are beginning to recognize, not just Mark, but also the Mission.

The City Rescue Mission has existed in Lansing since 1911; our buildings on Michigan Avenue have housed our ministry since 1948. Our Jesus Saves Cross, the sign that hangs over the chapel building and is the focal point of our logo, has lit the night sky for over six decades, long before Mark was even born. But when I began working for the Mission in 2004, there was a surprising number of people who didn't know the Mission existed or why it existed.

It is so gratifying to reclaim a sense of awareness in our community, not just so supporters know that we need their help but also so that those in need know that we are here to help them. Rather a tongue twister, but it all comes down to "helping us help others." For nearly 100 years, the Mission has had the opportunity to meet physical and spiritual needs of men, women, and children. That legacy would never have been possible without the compassion and generosity of our community.

It may be rather startling when your boss' name comes up in conversation with a random stranger, especially on your day off, but it's worth it if the message connected with his name is about the Mission, the needs of those we serve, and the truth behind the words over our door: Jesus Saves.

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