Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lost in Transition

Ever had one of those kind of days? The kind of days where you have so much stuff piled on your desk that you're in a blank haze as to which project to tackle next? Well, today is one of those days. (My mom would blame the weather, and, seeing the gray blah outside the window, I tend to agree with her.) The solution, of course, is to thank God for our blessings. Of which there are many. Today, I'm still smiling in the afterglow of a special blessing from yesterday.
Gina, a staff member, was charged with the seemingly herculean task of tracking down an old scrapbook that had disappeared during one of the most recent changes to the reception area. The photos and this scrapbook had lived for some time in an old credenza that no longer fit in the front office when cubicles were added for much needed office space. Upon realizing the scrapbook had disappeared, a small feeling of panic settled over me. This orange scrapbook, unattractive and mostly unused, holds a treasure trove of Mission memorabilia which Leon Kellogg had accumulated. Leon, grandson of the Mission founders, had included newspaper articles and photos dating back to the late '20s.

The photos were family photos and irreplaceable. My searches proved fruitless, and, with the chaos of the upcoming office move, it seemed the task of finding this treasure would have to wait until we were settled in Maplewood.

We came back from taking pictures at Maplewood to find that Gina had been successful. What was lost had been found. Lovely old photos, yellowed newspaper clippings, and that beautiful orange cover.

It was very reminiscent of Christ's parables in Luke 15, which culminates with the story of the prodigal son. Very reminiscent of the purpose of the City Rescue Mission. Matthew 18:11 tells us that "the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which is lost." Sometimes, we may desperately try to "find" someone and to bring him/her to our Savior. But that is, thankfully, in God's hands. In His perfect timing, He will bring them to Himself. What a blessing that we are able to play just a small part in this wonderful plan.

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