Monday, July 11, 2011

The "Mission" of our Mission

At a recent staff meeting, our executive director stressed something important: that we, as Mission employees, are not doing a "job" or even meeting the "physical" needs of people. Our purpose is to serve souls. Souls in need of rescue. And this has been the purpose of the Mission for its entire 100 year history.

As we've often said, the easy answer to the "problem" of homelessness would be to put people in an apartment, turn the key, and let them continue in the problems that caused their homelessness in the first place. Social ills, addiction, loneliness, anger, lack of job skills, mental issues, all still existent. However, the person is no longer "homeless" and, therefore, homelessness is over.

But we were created for something more than just to exist or to struggle along as best we know how. God has in mind for us something better. Something greater. But far too often we settle for "good enough." It's easier.

So we ask for your prayer for Mission staff and the volunteers who work alongside of us. It's never easy and it isn't even always "rewarding." After all, we're not "rescuing" used furniture that simply needs some sanding and a new coat of paint to make it serviceable. We're rescuing souls.

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