Monday, October 31, 2011

City Rescue Mission Fights Hunger

On Friday, October 28, 2011, the Lansing State Journal ran an article about the food bank consolidation for our area. It is always a good thing to see "overlapping" agencies work together to ensure efficiency and the best service possible for those in need. This move to "streamline efforts" and "eliminate confusion" just shows again the dedication of these agencies to meet needs.

However, the Mission does not participate with these agencies. And while we recognize the very obvious need for these agencies, we want to ensure that our supporters are not confused that donations to either or these organizations will help alleviate the burden we currently face.

As reported in the article, these "two food banks came on the scene in the early 1980s." The Mission, as many of you know, is now celebrating 100 years of service in Lansing and has served meals to the public since we first opened a "soup kitchen" in January of 1930. This year, we will serve a record number of meals (estimating over 112,000 at current trends) to homeless and low income men, women, and children. Food shortages have affected our ability to provide emergency boxes of food from our independent food pantry and may cause us to re-evaluate our current meal policy (serving meals seven days a week to the public).

Again, it is not our wish to detract at all from support for the food bank or its tireless efforts on behalf of those in need. Our wish is only one of clarification for those of you who have been, as the article said, confused by the two concurrent local food banks and who are unsure as to the Mission's possible connection to either of these agencies.

We operate independently; after an evaluation of the services we offer and the needs we have, we found it was not advantageous to participate. If you have questions about our position or perhaps would like more information on how to help "pack the pantry" and provide meals to thousands of men, women, and children in need, please email

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gary said...

My family for years has financially supported both Christian and secular charities. We now feel strongly motivated to only support Christian charities like the CRM, since Our Lord will honor these gifts by bringing souls to salvation while addressing their immediate physical needs.
Keeping the CRM focused on this 2-fold mission is best done while not part of a secular effort.