Friday, October 5, 2012

Rescue = Investing in People

Wednesday, October 10, our monthly newsletter will mail. The cover story features one of our former guests who was enthralled with the goodness of God. Looking back over her life, she admitted to making many mistakes. Many of the difficulties she faced were a result of her own bad choices. However, God had brought her to Him, and she rejoiced that God had "invested" in her.

Those words accurately reflect the purpose of this ministry of "Rescue." We invest in people. Providing for their physical needs allows them to trust us with their spiritual needs. There are times when people disappoint us. They are not grateful or they squander our help and their opportunities. However, we know that no one is a "bad investment." That's the thing about "Rescue," it's not about what we deserve. Just like Grace, it is not earned. But it must be accepted. (Ephesians 2:8)

Our guest had come to accept her own responsibility and her own opportunity to look at life from another side. To overcome despair with hope. Thank you for caring for not only her physical condition but also her spiritual one. Thank you for being a Rescuer by helping us help others!

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