Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is a blessing?

At last night's Bible study, someone brought up the idea of what a blessing looks like and how our view of a "blessing" can be very different than God's view. The conversation brought to mind a recent interview with a guest at our women and children's shelter, whose story will be featured in our December newsletter (yes, we're working on the December newsletter already :). As we approach the holiday created for the sole purpose of expressing thanks for the blessings we've been given, it's good to keep in mind that sometimes God's blessings are the prize at the end of a tortuous marathon, and sometimes God brings us outside our comfort zone to enable us to be a blessing to others.
Occasionally, our guests will ask a question that I can't answer. The kind of question you ask yourself when you're trying to think your way around a difficulty. This guest asked me if I would be willing to step into her shoes and lose everything if it meant gaining the blessing of having settled the question of faith. She has no choice now but to rely on God. Her own efforts have only led to homelessness and despair. But the prize: she has cleared away the "white noise" and now knows with a certainty where she stands with her Savior and how much her weakness is strength when it is resting in Him. She believes that God brought her to the Mission for her safety and spiritual growth. And her blessing.
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