Monday, July 14, 2014

"Kids Can Be Kids"

Stopping in the day shelter on a quiet afternoon last Friday, I heard one of our moms reading aloud to her little boy as he crawled around in the child care room. It is a normal enough scene if not the normal "home" setting. However, I was sharply reminded of a recent conversation I'd had with another guest, about how the kids can be kids. She, a single woman, had no children but she spoke in amazement of how "normal" the children acted. I could understand her astonishment and echo her words of relief. While not all of us have had children, we have all been children. Childhood is such a precious time, and the experiences our young guests face, when they come to the shelter with their moms, could be one of deepest tragedy. Praise the Lord, they experience compassion and care. They are protected and they are loved. As is the case in every situation, kids add a measure of chaos, but "kids can be kids" here. And that is truly a wondrous thing. Thank you for your gifts, that enable us to provide food to eat and a safe haven of rest. But thank you most of all for your prayers that strengthen us and enable us to provide hope to those in need.

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