Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gratitude Comes from the Heart

I think we've all felt some frustration with the Christmas season creeping over other holidays. Holiday decorations begin to show up in stores as early as September. Overall, as a holiday, Thanksgiving has always seemed overshadowed by Christmas, a time of giving gifts and celebrating with family. However, the truth is that the "spirit of Christmas" would be lacking without the prior presence of Thanksgiving. Peace, true peace, comes from a recognition of our many blessings, an acknowledgment that those wonderful things owe their existence to a Source greater than ourselves.
This Thanksgiving, try setting down the "Black Friday" sales flyers, turning off the game (at least for a few minutes), and taking time to count your blessings. There's no need to take turns around a table or scrounge up something that makes you sound deeply spiritual. Find a quiet place, away from the noise and the rush and the "busyness" to really examine your heart and life for the good things you'll find there.

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