Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pretty as a Princess

The story behind this picture, recently chosen as the Mission's 3-6-5 photo for the week, is of a birthday. Three hundred and thirty nine kids called the Mission "home" in 2011. Meaning that when that last school bell rang those same kids packed up their backpacks with books and homework and headed for the Mission.

While that image can be colored by despair, we try instead to capture that spark of real life that exists and continues regardless of the location. There is an undoubted and unarguable sadness at the thought of a homeless child. But at the Mission, there is also joy. Some of the greatest sources of that joy are the children who stay here.

In this case, the young girl looks like every other young girl celebrating her special day. She's wearing princess jewelry and coming up with her own accessories (whiskers out of pipe cleaners). Her world is not what we might consider "the normal one," but she can still have excitement and joy, because your gifts enable us to provide safety and security for all who find shelter at the Mission. Thank you for being a rescuer and for helping us help others!

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