Thursday, May 31, 2012

They Match

The 3-6-5 Photo for this week is a photo of Shelley, who works in the women and children's shelter, and a young guest who was excited because her pink shirt matched Shelley's Mission employee uniform. I love this photo for the tenderness and affection it shows. Shelley, as a mother, can treat these children as a caregiver while still showing the structure that children desperately need. In the case of this young girl, and too many children in our shelter, there is only her mother to give her the guidance and care she needs. This can be very difficult for anyone, when they are solely responsible for such an important task as raising a child. We are grateful for the opportunity we have, while our guests stay with us, to give them added support and encouragement from women who have raised children of their own. This support and encouragement is just one more aspect of the shelter we are able to provide because you help us help others!

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