Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Mission: Play"

CRM Centennial 3-6-5 Photo, 8.3.12
Last year, South Lansing Kiwanis took on the "Mission: Play" project to "promote leadership through active youth" by building a new playground for our women and children's shelter. Project Chairperson, Alfreda Schmidt, undertook raising $24,000 for this project. She presented her goal to her local Lake Trust Credit Union, as she knew of the very active role they play in our community. Lake Trust was excited at the opportunity and offered to match funds by dedicating a total of $12,000 for the project. In less than a year, the matching funds were raised and a groundbreaking event took place on July 11, followed by the first build day on the 14th. We are so grateful to Lake Trust, South Lansing Kiwanis, and the many who gave toward this project. Lansing Kiwanis also partnered with this project by providing safety fencing around the property and the play area itself. The project will make a difference in the lives of hundreds of homeless children in our community!

Now for the "rest" of the story: The photo chosen to represent our centennial 3-6-5 project for this week features our very own Ginasaurus. Our staff was almost as excited about the new playground as the children who stay with us. When Jim, director of volunteers and project coordinator, informed us that a "dinosaur" was part of the playground, we all thought of our dinosaur aficionado, our very own Gina. And the Ginasaurus was born :)

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