Wednesday, August 15, 2012


July was a busy month, with the Mission serving more meals than any other month this year. Already, August looks to be even busier, and our food supplies are beginning to feel the summer pinch. As reported in our recent newsletter, we are especially in need of meat. Below is an email sent out from our director of operations, which shows the Lord's provision through the compassion of our fellow Rescuers:

I have to share with you an experience we had here on Michigan Ave with our kitchen staff today. Two of the kitchen staff were informing me that we were low on meat so I asked them if we had enough to get us through this week because we have two steers coming to us in a few weeks that were purchased at the fair a couple weeks ago. They said yes we did have enough, if we really stretched things out we could get by. I then said to them that we need to be in prayer for meat. That conversation was after lunch around 2pm today. After I got finished with that conversation the front door bell rang so I went to answer it. It was a man donating a bag of chicken tenders, so I gave it to the cook and said well… it’s a start. We both kind of chuckled and he put it in the refrigerator. Later this afternoon, I was putting some things away that I had just picked up when the back door bell rang. One of the cooks was with me and answered the door to find a mom and two or three kids handing him some meat. He got the cart and said that they have more so I helped him bring it in. I didn’t really get a chance to talk to them, but the mom did say that they received our newsletter and saw where we were in need of meat. We received 240 hamburger patties, 6 bags of chicken tenders, and about 8-10 bags of meat balls. We were so thrilled that we prayed to thank God for answering our prayers. I was coming back from a pick up just earlier praying that God would give us wisdom and discernment on how to use the meat we had. Not more than an hour later this meat comes in. What a mighty God we serve. I just had to share this with everyone because we sometimes get so busy that some things go unnoticed...

Thank you, fellow Rescuers, for your faithfulness in helping us provide for the physical and spiritual needs of men, women, and children in Michigan's capital area. And thank you for your prayers for wisdom and continued provision as August usually is one of the busiest months for the Mission.

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