Friday, July 17, 2009

Men at Work

So, today our guys (i.e. Mission staff and program men) are cleaning out the overloaded basements at the houses on Clear Street. This inspired me to go ahead and show some views of men at work through the ages, at least the Mission ages. Most of these pics took place during the 70s, when the Mission underwent heavy renovation under Superintendent Mal Hoyt. Captions are below their corresponding pictures. (If you should happen to recognize any of the following people, please let us know.)

I'm pretty sure that this happy fellow is standing on the roof the current kitchen (behind 609). Notice that he's wearing slacks and a button up shirt to clean wood shards off a, probably somewhat questionable, rooftop.

He sure is hard at work. I remember my brother doing much the same when he was knocking out a wall. I hope that's what he is doing, because otherwise he's probably knocking down plaster to make way for the "faux" wood paneling that dominated Mission interior decorating for the next three decades. I'm not sure if this is Michigan Avenue or Larch Street, and the same can be said for most every renovation picture taken inside a building.
My first guess would have been that this was Larch Street, since I think they were converting an old storefront/warehouse. However, I know that the 600 block buildings have very high ceilings, hidden above the drop ceiling we have now. This picture does make me wonder just how concerned they were with safety. Did OSHA exist back then?

I love this picture. I perfectly understand that feeling of starting a project and looking down in dismay at the mess you'll have to take care of before you can move on to the final step. Either that or he just realized that he laid his lunchbox down somewhere...

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