Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Peek in the Past

For a change, I thought I'd show some of the pictures we've discovered on old slides/negatives. Most of the people are unknown, other than that they were guests of our Mission at various times in the past.
You gotta love this guy's hair. Classic 60s... This picture is taken in the alley that runs behind the 600 block of Michigan Avenue. Most likely close to the Mission, though I don't recognize the windows. They could have disappeared with the massive remodeling that happened during the 1970s.
I love how this picture looks almost like it could have been taken yesterday...except for the guy's swinging hat, groovy coat, and cool shades. Not to mention the appearance of "Lansing City Rescue Mission," a name adjustment that occurred sometime in the 70s. Maybe because the sign painter put up the wrong info. Gotta love the yellow counter top too.

What beautiful curtains, huh? I don't know why I like this one so much. Maybe because of the light streaming in through the windows. When the remodeling happened during the 70s, they closed up a lot of the windows and put in a lot of dark, fake wood paneling. The result was a very dark look and a closed-in feeling in much of the pictures later than this. Fortunately, with the recent remodel, we've let back in the light.

Who wouldn't love this black and white of the old neon cross. The Jesus Saves sign (in some form or another) has hung above the 600 block longer than any other "business" on that block, I believe. Maybe longer than most any other business on the street.

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