Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"What Wondrous Love is This?"

I'm working on a grant request for Maplewood, and it's helping me think about our "mission" and why we do what we do. And what it is we're actually trying to do.

And I can't help but be grateful that it's not our job to judge between the "deserving and the undeserving poor." In Pride and Prejudice, the wealthy lady of the manor admonishes the pastor's wife to be sure she learns to tell the difference. But for us, this law, by God's grace and Jesus' sacrifice, does not apply.

When a man or woman shows up at our door, we can't tell, just by looking what manner of person he/she is. We don't know their condition, whether it be societal, economic, educational, moral, or spiritual. We are just to reach out the hand of Christ wherever we see a need.

How could we do less? When He, with His dying breath, called down forgiveness on those who crucified Him?

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