Monday, June 22, 2009

The One Who Came Back

On occasion, when you're in the "business" of rescue, you think back to a face, a name, a person who came seeking help. We do our best; however, sometimes, the person disappears back onto the streets and you never know if they began to apply what they learned. Did they make the positive changes in their life? Were they just "saying the words and going through the motions," until they could make it out the door and back to their old habits?
Recently, one of our night managers shared a praise. A call came in to the Mission long after the office had closed, from a young man who wanted to donate the food from his wedding. It was a catered affair and, as often happens, some of the food remained untouched and still in sealed containers. Per the health department, we can take food that is from a licensed kitchen and has not been served from, and we were grateful for this donation to add to our daily meals.

The young man arrived with his bride and began unloading their vehicle. Then he shook the night manager's hand. "I used to stay here," he said. Now he's married and getting his life back on track. What a blessing to realize that, through the donations and compassion of our supporters, this man's life has been changed.

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