Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Exciting Arrivals

Lots of changes coming up at the Mission and for Mission staff. Julie, our executive director's dog and one of our Mission Mascots, has just had a litter of puppies. We all are excited at the thought of seeing the little guys (and girls). Some of the Transformation Program men even volunteered to "puppysit," should the need arise.

Tim, our director of maintenance, is expecting his first child. He is pictured here with his wife on their wedding day a few years ago. He met his wife through the Mission, and we are all anxiously waiting to welcome this new little girl into the world.

Today, we're in the process of giving the chapel a facelift. Pictures are finally going up, and I will post photos of the completed project on the Mission facebook page (search City Rescue Mission of Lansing), once everything is finally on the walls.

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