Monday, June 15, 2009

Thoughts on Liberty

I'm working on the front page article for July. That is to say, I'm avoiding working on the front page article for July. My measure for whether or not a story has merit to be printed as the cover article is whether or not I feel an emotional connection with what I'm writing. Do the words come alive to me? If they don't come alive to me, I can hardly expect anyone else to be impressed or interested in casual words slapped into some kind of order and slathered over blank, white space. We're a month ahead, always, so the newsletter has been in process since the end of May, as soon as the June newsletter was sent on to be printed.

And July, well, July is sort of a special month to me, even more so since I began to work at the Mission. Here, every day we strive for an Independence Day. For freedom to finally come to those struggling under the weight of poverty, selfish choices, addictions, parental neglect, mental or physical handicaps, and the myriad of other circumstances that can lead a person to our doors.

I decided to start eating healthier. I only say this because today was day one, so, of course, I stopped at a fast food restaurant for just a small indulgence. While inside, one of the workers recognized my Mission shirt and mentioned one of her relatives. I knew the women she was talking about, knew her testimony and the changes in her life. And I was struck again by how one woman's triumph over a life of selfishness and addiction affected more than herself. Her family also found freedom.

What a blessing to be part of that.

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