Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"That's the way our God works"

From time to time, the Mission gets an "overabundance" of a certain item. Our goal, in cases such as this, is to share that abundance with other agencies, to be sure that a needed item can get to the person in need. Lately, the Mission has had a lot of size 3 and smaller diapers arrive. One of our staff men took this excess, and other baby related items, to pregnancy services. When asking staff there if they had a need for this item, he was told that a call had come in not 10 minutes before he arrived. The mother needed size 3 diapers but couldn't afford to buy any until her check on Friday. What a blessing to know that mother was able to see her need provided for, and what a blessing to be a part of meeting that need. As our driver said when sharing the story, "That's the way our God works." He knows the need and enables us to be a part of sharing His love.