Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yum and Yummier

If I had the time, I would create a blog dedicated to making the entire capital city area aware of the fact that our public dining room provides more than just provides good food. Our cooks work very hard to use the variety of donations that come in the door, and sometimes that requires some creativity.

Tuesday, Abby made mention of an overabundance of jello that had been donated. "I think I'll make up some jello." Wednesday dessert was jello, with angel food cake, whipped topping, and maraschino cherries. Tuesday afternoon, a young man came to the door hefting grocery bags fulls of apples and bananas left over from an event. The gift was thoughtful but the bananas were past their prime. The answer: banana pudding topped with real bananas.

There are meatball dishes, chicken dishes, rice or pasta cooked one million and one ways... I could go on but nothing I could ever write could fully describe the effort, creativity, and compassion that goes into a meal at the Mission. From the base ingredients (donations all), to the hard work of our cooks, to the hands of volunteers who serve the meal (cafeteria style) to our guests, love truly is in every bite.

Even after the meal is finished, labor goes into keeping the facility one of the cleanest restaurants in Lansing (as we are required to meet the same health codes as a restaurant). All of this is because of the generosity of our supporters. It is their efforts that helped put over 95,000 meals on the table for men, women, and children in need in Michigan's capital area.