Monday, September 22, 2014

The Impact of a Life

It was just a few words, written on a slip of paper, and tucked into an envelope with a donation. We occasionally receive notes from supporters and are always humbled and blessed by their encouraging words. These words, however, were especially poignant.

Just a line to let you know why my thoughts and prayers are for the Rescue Mission.

My brother, who was 19 years old and a Marine, was on his way to war in Korea. He went into the Mission in Chicago and he gave his life to the Lord. He was baptized at the marine base in California before he was shipped out. He was killed the last day of the war.
I will be 92 in a few days, but praise the Lord, because of that Mission, I will soon see my brother again. His name was Robert McConnell.
Thank all of your workers for what you are doing for the Lord Jesus.
We've all heard the analogy about ripples on the water, and how one action can continue out to affect many other lives. The City Rescue Mission impacts hundreds of lives every day, but it is the generosity and compassion of our fellow rescuers, Mission supporters, that enable us to provide food, shelter, and hope to our guests. Each of those individual rescuers may feel that what they are doing is small and unimportant, but you never know the difference made by a single decision.
Robert McConnell's life was changed forever by a brief visit to that Mission in Chicago. His sister's life was changed when she received a note from the Mission and learned of her brother's decision for Christ. Her decision to support the City Rescue Mission, in honor of her brother, has no doubt resulted in many lives being changed here in our community.
The decisions you make today can make a difference. They don't have to be monumental or involve press releases or fanfare. They may even seem small and unimportant, but the result could change someone else's life forever.