Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tell me, what does God look like?

At our women and children's shelter, while the women are in Bible study, the children get to hear a Bible story of their own. Sometimes, they have the opportunity to do a craft or draw a picture that correlates with what they've just heard. Reviewing these pictures, I began to notice that Jesus is almost always drawn by the children, no matter their age, with a beard. Not surprising considering this was not only most likely, considering what we know of the time period in which He lived on earth, but also the way we usually see Jesus or God "personified" in art or on film. Amazing that children, from pictures and stories, have already begun to "form" an image of who God is.

At the City Rescue Mission our goal has always been to meet physical needs to bring those with spiritual needs to Jesus Christ. Introducing people to their Creator has been our number one goal since the Mission was founded nearly 100 years ago by Thomas and Emily Dolton. The motivation for their entire lives was to take Christ's love to the unloved and, perhaps, unlovable. To show that God remembers those whom society has forgotten. To reach a hand of help to those who may feel they have fallen beyond even the reach of God's love.

Along the way, they will discover that not only does God love them but our supporters do too. In fact, most often their first "glimpse" of who God truly is will come in the form and face of a staff member or a volunteer. Our love is only a dim reflection of God's love. And our prayer is that they will see God's love in us. In spite of our faults and flaws. That we will continue to love those who may seem unlovable and have the wisdom to be both merciful and just, compassionate and consistent.

We can continue to meet needs and to reach a hand of "rescue," because of our supporters. Because of you.