Friday, April 19, 2013

Recycling for Rescue

Recycling efforts have helped
provide over 17,000 meals!
This summer will mark our 10th anniversary in "recycling for Rescue" with the help of FundingFactory, a company which recycles used inkjet and toner cartridges, as well as cell phones and other small electronics.
How it works (per their website) is that “every qualifying item you send in has a cash value that's credited to your online account. And everything you send to FundingFactory is responsibly recycled or remanufactured.”
Since 2003, we have recycled nearly 1,200 pounds of cell phones, 3,500 pounds of inkjets ,and 83,000 pounds of toners. Per our “sustainability report,” which shows the impact made through our recycling efforts, the resources we've collected are 31,950.28 lbs. Plastic, 2,711.16 lbs. Nylon, 27,457.71 lbs. Steel, 3,582.22 lbs. Aluminum, and 209.82 lbs. Copper. Altogether we've offset CO2 emissions from the consumption of 101,700 gallons of gasoline.
 All this adds up to $45,706.12 since we sent in our first shipment about 10 years ago.  As for the impact on people’s lives, at current budget numbers it adds up to about 2,285 nights of shelter or 17,247 meals.
If your business, church, or organization would like to partner with us in "recycling for Rescue," follow this link ( and put in the Mission's ID Number: #29930.
For more information on FundingFactory, visit or you can call us at 517.485.0145