Friday, March 29, 2013

A Message from Mark: "Good Friday, indeed!"

Loved Ones,
Today, I can’t help but reflect on the depravity of man and the impact of sin.  I think we don’t
often remember or attempt to weigh the impact of our rebellion against God.  Consider how dead we were in our transgressions and sins in which we once lived.  Consider what it would be like to fall in the hands of a living God without knowing Christ. Consider this day where we would be if God didn’t awaken our hearts and enable us to see the uselessness of our rebellion against Him.
Oh what marvelous and matchless grace! “Grace, grace…marvelous grace!”  Can you see it today?  Let’s take a moment and reflect on God’s loving act on Calvary.  Thank Him for enabling us to cling to His righteousness through faith.  “It is by grace you have been saved through faith.” 
Please join me in remembering the rich mercies of God in which He loved us.  Yes, even when we were dead in our sin and transgressions.  How much easier it is to be a servant to others when we reflect on the price that was paid on our behalf. We are not our own.  We were bought with a price. Let’s glorify God in what we do.  Thank you for being an important part of the ministry of rescue.  Your role at the Mission helps to bring the transgressor nearer to the cross of Calvary in order to see the glory of the Gospel!  The beauty of Christ…victory over sin and death!
Good Friday, indeed!
To God be the Glory,
Mark Criss
Executive Director
City Rescue Mission of Lansing

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Difference a Decade Makes

There has been a lot of change at the Mission in the past ten years, and many of those are in the area of services. Much of the increase in need has occurred in the past six years, and we see little sign that there will be a decrease in the near future. Thank you, to all our fellow Rescuers, whose gifts to support the Mission enable us to continue to meet the physical and spiritual needs of women, children, and men in Michigan's capital area.

2002 Mission Services Statistics:
Personal Need (Hygiene Kits): 794
Nights of Shelter for Men: 9,440
Nights of Shelter for Women and Children: 8,252
Meals: 53,020

2012 Mission Services Statistics:
Personal Need (Hygiene Kits): 1,834
Nights of Shelter for Men: 21,477
Nights of Shelter for Woman and Children: 30,415
Meals: 106,742

Below are some events to help remind us just what happened in 2002:
The Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, Utah.
A Beautiful Mind won the Academy Award for Best Picture
The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl.
The first anniversary of the September 11 attacks is held.
The Beltway Sniper attacks end with the arrests of the men involved.
The Iraq Disarmament Crisis occurs.
United Airlines and US Airways both file for bankruptcy.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

City Rescue Mission Upscale Thrift

The City Rescue Mission of Lansing, in partnership with RMA, is in the process of opening a thrift store in Lansing. Since the Mission opened its clothing distribution center (as it is now called) in 1994, we have always had items donated which we could not use. Those items we could not distribute were sent to thrift stores, none of which supported the efforts of the Mission. The board and executive director, after reviewing ways to be better stewards of donations, decided to partner with RMA to open a thrift store.
While excess donations will be sold at the store, we will also continue our clothing distribution center to meet the clothing needs of the men, women, and children who are staying in our shelter. We will also continue to provide hygiene items through our personal needs closet.
For this reason, we are currently accepting donations of clothing, household items, small appliances, and small electronics. Once the thrift store is fully operational, we will also be able to accept furniture donations.
To keep updated on the progress of the thrift store, "like" us on facebook at!