Thursday, August 25, 2016

You helped me...

I can't say that helping people ever becomes ordinary. Truthfully, however, the Mission has been "in the business" of rescue for over 100 years. That adds up to a lot of people being helped, a lot of lives being changed. As the numbers add up and the years roll by, you can lose sight of the importance of the individual.

Our guests have the opportunity to write post cards expressing thanks to those who give to provide food, shelter, and hope. As I was sorting through these cards, I noticed a simple message:
"Thank you for helping me."
It suddenly hit home to me that every one of the hundreds we serve is a "me," an "I," an individual whose life is being touched by the compassion of others. That person knows on a real-life level the difference your gifts make.

Please keep this in mind as you give and volunteer and support the Mission. This is one-on-one change. Your gift goes to a real person who has real needs. Thank you.