Friday, November 13, 2015

Finishing the Journey

#‎TBT‬ In November of 2011, our executive director took a "rescue trek," spending a week at the Mission and walking the streets with some of our homeless guests. "Randy" was one of his guides that week. Mark finished his journey on Friday, 11/11/11, with a special Veteran's Day/Mission Centennial celebration for guests at Michigan Avenue. Afterward, Mark returned to his house. That night, as the clock ticked its way to 11/12/11, Randy also finished his journey and went "home...." He quietly passed away in his sleep. Although his years on the street and living in addiction had taken an extreme toll on him physically, Mission staff had seen a great change in Randy's life in the months prior to his passing. Even today, Mark is grateful for the timing of that trek and the opportunity to spend time and have some deep discussions with Randy. Randy himself recognized the changes in his life and in his heart, and he was safe and at peace.